The night I met B.B. King
Tuesday, August 25th, 2009.  B.B. King performed in Morristown
N.J. I was in the audience.   I love guitar and was a B.B. King fan
since way back when I was a baby.  I was surprised when I got
permission to go back stage after the show to meet Mr. King.
We had been told it would be just a fast hello as Mr. King raced to his bus.  At
first we just said hello and exchanged little gifts.  He gave me B.B. King guitar
picks and I gave him one of my livestrong style wristbands.

But then we got to talking.
He was really nice and wanted to give me an
autograph so he signed a poster "To
Malcolm"  for me.
He let me touch her!  I was afraid to touch her at first because she is really special.
He told me not to be shy about it.  He showed me where he had scratched her, and told
me he bangs on her, but I still wanted to be really careful with his Lucille.  Besides, he
said she was his girlfriend, and I know you can really get into trouble if you touch
someone else's girlfriend!
Mr. King was very kind and offered to do what he could to help me with my new
foundation to spread awareness and raise funds for Pediatric Cancer research.  That is
really great because my vision for the foundation was to make some noise and raise
awareness and funding through musical benefits.   B.B. King IS music.  
We were both really tired and needed to get some sleep.  So he put on his hat and
we said good bye.  I was really impressed with how nice he is.  I guess to be able
to really sing the blues, you must have a big heart.

Mr. King, if you ever happen to read this, it was an honor to meet you and Lucille.
Thank you for sharing some time with me.
-your friend,