The Philadelphia Eagles!
Believe in Green
left to right: Brain Westbrook, me, Brain Dawkins
I am an Eagles fan, even though I am a kid from Jersey and even live in The Jets home town!   
Brian Dawkins and Brian Westbrook stopped by my hospital room to visit with me in December.  They are two of my top
four favorite NFL players.  I was really surprised to see them walk through my door, since everyone else coming into my
room was either a doctor or a nurse for the whole week, (no offense to my Doctors and nurses-- you are great too, but
you know what I mean).  It was good timing too, because I was feeling a little low right before they walked in the door.   
While I was in shock and couldn't think of anything to say, they were very nice and it was so awesome to meet them!  
Brian Westbrook is an amazing  Running Back-- in fact he is the best Running Back in Eagles history.  Brian Dawkins
plays Free Safety, and is like a machine!!  He averages 100 tackles a year!
If I were a NFL owner, I would draft them to my DREAM TEAM!

Eagles RULE!
What a game!  Sorry Dallas.
This is me at the Eagles v. Dallas game in Philadelphia on December 28th.
The score was 44 to 6 Eagles.
My favorite play was when Tony Romo fumbled and he cried.
Eagles Team Training  with my friend Leo and Mr. Cross on
Thursday August 6, 2009
Fly Eagles, FLY!!!
Thank you Mr. Carlin, Ed, and especially all the Eagles Players!

It was so cool to see everyone; you will have an awesome season!

Fly Eagles, Fly!!  I believe in Green.
Eagles' Practice
THANK YOU EAGLES!!  You are amazing players and awesome people too.
Your fan, Malcolm
Eagles vs. Redskins November 29, 2009
Eagles on the Road to VICTORY!  
E-A-G-L-E-S !!!
27 - 24
I believe in Coach Reid!
Donavan McNabb takes a knee twice to run out the clock, and that is the game!
4th Quarter come back!
I am a happy fan!
DeSean Jackson, (#10) before London Fletcher gave him a
concussion.  Maybe Fletcher needs to be listed as an illegal
weapon.  He sidelined Brian Westbrook with a concussion this
season too.
Brain Westbrook, DeSean Jackson, Akeem Jordan, we hope you recover well and can play soon.