Professional Photos
February 2008
These black and white photos were taken in February 2009 by "Flashes of Hope," a charitable organization which photographs
the oncology patients at CHOP as a gift-- the founder is Christine Kwait, whose daughter was treated at CHOP, and is in
remission!  The photographer that day was Scott Lewis, who has a background in photo journalism.  We didn't know about
Flashes of Hope and just happened to walk into the Day Hospital on a day they were set up and taking pictures of patients!  
Thank you very much Christine and Scott.
These color photographs were taken by the good people in the CHOP Public Relations department.  Ed Cunicelli  was
the photographer.  We started in the Day Hospital, then moved to the Oncology Floor and met Dr. Brodeur, Chief of
Oncology at CHOP.  It was certainly an honor.  Everyone was fun to work with, and has excellent taste in music!
Thank you very much for the photographs as well!