Stuff about me
I am the youngest of three boys.  Mom took this photo of my dad, James, Harry, and me on the
road to Hana on the big Island of Hawaii, (March 2008).
I survived the Road to Hana, so you know I will survive a bone tumor!
I like to catch and clean Dungeness
Crabs at my grandparents house on
Bainbridge Island, WA.  
This one is actually a rock crab.
Favorite Places: Hawaii, Washington State, British Columbia
Places I would like to see: Scotland and England
My Sports and Activities: Travel Soccer, hiking, boating, horseback riding, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, other video games,
hanging with my friends, skiing, riding my bike, pan band, picking berries!!
Current pursuit: learning to play the guitar
My Favorite Roller Coasters: Space Mountain, Rockin' Roller Coaster, Superman Ultimate Flight   
My Favorite Band: The Rolling Stones
My Favorite Teams:
NFL: The Philadelphia Eagles, the New England Patriots
MLB: The NY Yankees and the Seattle Mariners
Soccer, (aka "Football" in the rest of the world): Chelsea and Barcelona
Favorite Ice Cream: MORA!!!  More Mora please!! If you want some too, go to                                              It is awesome!!    
I am a good student-- High Honors!
(My family Clan Crest Motto is: "Sans Peur", which means without fear)
I built this sailboat at a museum in
Cowachin Bay, BC.
This is me, my grandfather, and my two brothers in
Papa's launch. We were anchored in Prevost Harbor,
Stuart Island, WA.  We had gone ashore to hike.
My Soccer Team: EARTHQUAKE
We are now Flight One!
This is my 5th grade homeroom with Mrs. Muller  The other half of my
grade is in Mr. Cross' homeroom.