The Meaning Behind "Power and Determination"
An explanation from Malcolm's mom

For the past 25 years, our family has taken a few weeks to sail from Seattle up into British Columbia.
While on these boat trips, we often visit shops with native art.  The Pacific Northwest Natives have many
symbols.  Each is an indigenous animal which represents a specific strength.  For example, the raven
represents creativity, the turtle is patience, the eagle represents vision, and the frog is communication.    
Malcolm and his brothers discovered "pocket spirits" which have these symbols embossed in pewter.  On
occasion, they select and purchase a pocket spirit, taking their time to carefully select a pocket spirit that
represents a particular character trait they feel they need to work on in their own development.  They
carry these spirits in their pockets to remind them of the trait they want to build.  Malcolm's brother,
James, carried "focus" for a few years until he stopped forgetting to hand in his homework!  Malcolm has
"power" and "determination" pocket spirits; and for a few years, he has carried them in his pockets on test
or game days to bring him power, determination... and maybe a little luck.  

On the eve of being diagnosed with his cancer, I had tucked Malcolm into bed one night and was putting
his school pants into the hamper when I checked his pockets for items that shouldn't go in the wash.  I
found his pocket spirits.  Knowing that it was not a test or game day, I held them out to him questioningly.  
He looked at them and then at me, and said "I think now would be a good time to carry them."  I
responded by gently saying "yes, now is a very good time", and placed them carefully on his night stand.  
While he did not yet know he had cancer, he had begun carrying his pocket spirits as he felt that it was a
good time to have power and determination with him.

Once we were at the hospital, I realized it would be challenging to keep them with him as he had no
pockets in the hospital clothes, and he was in and out of surgery, scanning machines and other activities.
 I feared they could become lost.  So I asked a dear friend of ours if he could make the pocket spirits into
dog-tags for Malcolm.   Our friend graciously transformed Malcolm's pocket spirits into dog-tags on a
beautiful dog tag chain, and now he can keep "power" and "determination" with him!

So... now you know!  For those of you wearing his wristbands, you bring power and determination to the
team.  Thank you for your wonderful support.

-Julie, (Malcolm's mom)
To date, nearly 2,000 awesome people are wearing Malcolm's wristbands, and many may
wonder what, if any, significance is behind the words "power" and "determination" that you
see on the wristbands.  When designing the wristbands, Malcolm chose to include those
words because of his "pocket spirits."  If you read the passage below, you will understand the
   Power       Determination

(are on the back)
Thunderbird       Salmon
Malcolm's pocket spirits:
If you are interested in carrying a pocket spirit of your own-- in case you need a little
focus, patience, creativity, or maybe vision... you can click on this link and order them at: